No more shame game

I recently shared some thoughts on the Dr. Tiller memorial tumblr called Your Hopes and Dreams. You can post your thoughts, too! Thought I’d pass along the sentiment here as well…

As the survivor of sexual abuse, I cannot abide by people, systems, or institutions that only serve to silence and shame individuals. And that’s exactly what the anti-choice terrorists (and some members of Congress) seek to do. They not only want to stamp out abortion, but they want to make sure that anyone who is caught even thinking about abortion in any context is meant to feel shame. Of course for them, merely branding someone a slut or silencing doctors with laws that trap the truth in their mouths is not enough. It’s not enough to use the law to hurt women. It is not enough to stand outside a health care center and try to bring shame to anyone who shows up. The ultimate silencing of a person, group, or idea is to make an example out of it by killing it. Anti-choice terrorists kill people. And their intent is not just to silence that one victim, but to send a shock-wave of silencing shame and fear throughout the world. They want to control us through fear and shame and silencing us. Well, I’ve been down that road before. I suffered in silence at the hands of my abuser. And the day I liberated myself is the day I decided that I will NEVER AGAIN LET SOMEONE SILENCE ME OR SHAME ME. Ever. About anything. Whether or not I have ever had an abortion or will ever have an abortion is moot. And it’s none of your goddamn business! And the simple truth is, we all have to stand up and say: I will not be shamed!

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