Are you a young progressive with a good idea?

Sarah Burris, of Skyline Public Works, e-mailed me today to ask if I could spread the word about their program, which is coming to Nevada. They are looking for young progressives and have a $250,000 grant up for grabs.

This seems like an exciting opportunity for some awesome, feminist projects! And, on a personal note, I’m excited that this blog is already facilitating feminist community activism!

Here’s her e-mail. Contact her if you’ve got questions:

I wanted to forward this along to you as Nevada is the next state we have slated to build a longterm sustaining organization to specifically target young progressives. We are looking for homegrown young Nevadans who are eager to start an organization that builds interest and involvement in politics and legislation and create the leaders of tomorrow.

The grant is a quarter of a million dollar grant to new or existing organizations who fit this model. If you know of any individuals who might have interest feel free to pass it along or blog about it. I was able to work in Nevada a few years back and am excited we are playing in such a great state!

Here is the grant’s website:

and the request for proposal is attached!


Sarah Burris
Director of Development and Fundraising
Skyline Public Works

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