Who is The Sin City Siren?

You may know Emmily Bristol from her award-winning work as a journalist for publications including Vegas Seven, Newsday, Maxim,Desert Companion, the now-defunct Las Vegas CityLife, or the Washington DC-based blogging consortium Fem2.0. She’s appeared on political news shows including Ralston Reports, The Agenda, as well as KNPR.

She won the Nevada Press Association’s Outstanding Journalist of the Year award in 2005 as well as multiple awards for writing throughout the 2000s including first-place awards for investigative news and features.

A survivor of sexual assault, she has worked to be a voice for other survivors through her blogs, The Sin City Siren (syndicated 2011) and The Tired Feminist. She received the Community Partner Award from Safe Nest in 2006 and was nominated for a Margaret Sanger award in 2012. Nevada Advocates for Planned Parenthood Affiliates gave her the Voice of Truth award in 2013. Her work frequently gets media attention, including from DailyKos, CNN, Sports Illustrated, USA Today, ThinkProgress, Ms. Magazine, and Bitch Magazine.

Emmily’s career – and her marriage to her high school sweetheart – began while she was finishing her degree from the University of Oregon in a bygone era before Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and most of the internet was invented. Having grown up in a radio family, she actually got her radio license before she could drive. These days you can tweet her @TheSinCitySiren and chat about raising a Star Wars princess who slays STEM, why pie makes everything better, and growing up in Wasilla, Alaska. (Yes, that Wasilla.)

The Sin City Siren was established on May 6, 2007.

SCS contributors:

25 thoughts on “About

  1. Great site and congratulations on being awarded Outstanding Journalist of the Year in 2005! 🙂

  2. Hi Emmily,

    This is truly one of the best sites around.
    I love how you have delineated the myriad subject and topic categories, and that folks are encouraged to write about issues they care about as well as read about those they wish to learn more about. Well done!
    Sharing our ideas and knowledge increases our power, and that is a beautiful service to all. XO Sabra

  3. Well, shucks, I didn’t even realize this was your blogspace. Expect to see me checking in, methinks I’ll add your RSS feed to my daily goodies. And to my blogroll, probably. Hope you’re doing well, Em!!

  4. Glad I found it. I have been looking for a place to discuss current events, those happening around Las Vegas, especially in the political arena as we are coming into that time of year.

    I am very interested in the current political climate as I begin my research into who is the best local candidate for the upcoming elections.

  5. I have a suggestion for your charity links. hcws.org They have some great programs in the valley, free spay/neuter, training, etc. (shameless self promotion) I also have a great local real estate site and blog… 😛

    Seriously, check out Heaven Can Wait (hcws.org).

  6. Hi Emmily,

    I’ve been following your blog and you sound like a really fun, smart person. I’m headed to Vegas for a week (Oct. 17-24). Care to have lunch with a fellow blogger from Maine? My treat, of course! Let me know if that would interest you.


  7. I and my wife would like to volunteer to help with any Thanksgiving dinners for the homeless. Any recommendations or info on agencies/churches that have such events?

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  24. I’ve been in Las Vegas since 1987 and I first heard of the sex predator Steve Wynn while working at the Dunes Hotel Casino. Not from the women who was allegedly raped by him on a house boat at Lake Mead but by her old, ex boxer, crap dealer I worked with and admired. The other shoe to drop in this story is this HE HAD HELP covering this up for years. What has the empty suit governor had to say and other current and former politicians but Metro was his biggest accomplice in many of his sex crimes. That rape was reported and others too, what did they did or didn’t do needs to be uncovered. Unfortunately, his wife also should answer for helping him cover his tracks. I just discovered your site I will be reading regularly.

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