Rally for Choice was AWESOME!

We had a really kick-ass time at Rally for Choice Las Vegas today! (Part of the national Walk for Choice grassroots movement.) Thank you so much to all the fantastic and enthusiastic people who came out, despite the cold, windy, rainy weather. (I know all the East Coasters and Alaskans are making fun of our wimpitude right now.)

We packed the Planned Parenthood office with more than 50 people rallying for choice! And we had so many organizations come out to support us, too! Nevada Women’s Lobby, ProgressNow Nevada, Sin Sity Sisters, SWOP-LV, Nevada NOW, Southern Nevada NOW… so many great folks out to say HELL NO to the War on Women!

We also heard from former Congresswoman Dina Titus, a representative from Rep. Shelley Berkley’s office and from Planned Parenthood of Southern Nevada. Thank to all of those who spoke!


If you take your Planned Parenthood sticker from the Rally for Choice Las Vegas over to the Sin Sity Sister’s Cherry Poppin’ Red Dress event tomorrow night you will get buy one/get one free on tickets! Thanks Sisters for prochoice, progressive solidarity!

And please don’t forget to sign Planned Parenthood’s open letter!

10 thoughts on “Rally for Choice was AWESOME!

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