Uterus Wars: Excuse me, that’s my placenta you’ve got there

Diva/Mama has an interesting and alarming post from Saturday about a local mother being denied the opportunity to take the placenta home along with her newborn. Just another battle in the war against women when it comes to controlling their uterus and its contents. And this one may go to the courts, too, according to a story in the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Activists are planning a rally at Sunrise hospital tomorrow. Here are the details floating around Myspace:

10 AM Tomorrow
Monday, May 7
Sunrise Hospital

A Las Vegas woman and member of the local empowered birth movement just had a baby and was denied the right to take her own placenta home from the hospital with her.

FYI: Placenta has many benefits and is honored by some as a spiritual/religious item.

“This is yet another example of a woman giving up control of her body as soon as she places one foot inside the hospital door to deliver her baby. She is forced to subject herself and her body to the hospital’s policies and procedures, regardless of the adverse consequences for her health. Anne has been forcibly denied the healthful properties of her placenta, simply because someone at the hospital had the opinion that the practice of placentophagy was disgusting. They shouldn’t be able to impose their will and point of view on somebody else – we do still live in America, after all.”

There will be a rally tomorrow @ Sunrise hospital!

My Baby, My Placenta

Placentas are not trash!

Placenta = Health, not Hazard

Prenatal care: $3000
Hospital Birth: $8000

REWARD for its return:

PLACENTA and BABY are connected for a REASON:
They BOTH belong with their MOTHER

Severence Pay:
Cut the Umbilical Cord –
Mother and Baby Pay

Is my baby INFECTIOUS WASTE, too?

A mother births her BABY
A mother births her PLACENTA

With the MOTHER

HELP! My Placenta has been held hostage!

5 thoughts on “Uterus Wars: Excuse me, that’s my placenta you’ve got there

  1. this makes me soo angry! the medicalization of pregnancy is bad enough- why do you go to a hospital- a place where sick people go- when you are having a baby? babies are not an illness.

  2. I am so glad i get to leave the first comment because i get to say, feminism aint just for “the ladies.” Feminist men, UNITE!

    Love ya!

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