Feminist Files: For the boys

After an unscheduled bit of time off (my apologies), let’s get right into it:

  • Boy meets world: Turns out, TV isn’t bad for you… if you’re a white boy. Anyone else — especially girls and boys of other races — not so much.
  • Boys club: Former NFL defensive back Wade Davis came out last week, saying he waited until after he retired because he wanted to be seen as “a football player, not as a gay person.” I’m not so keen on the negativity of being seen as a gay person, but I applaud Davis for coming out. There has yet to be an openly gay player who was actively playing in any of the four major sports, but my hope is that day is coming (and the small list of those who have come out after quitting their sports buoys hope).
  • Boys have cooties: Oh Texas, how you vex me so. Check out this break-down of the joke of a “sex education” plan (abstinence totally rulz!)… Why don’t we just tell them that tipping cows will keep them from getting pregnant?
  • You’re not the boss of me: A new ad targeting Mitt Romney (from our friends at Planned Parenthood) uses the words out of his own mouth. That would probably annoy him, if he cared about women.
  • Band of brothers: Speaking of guys who like to speak for all women everywhere… a new study of 35 major media outlets shows that in stories about abortion men have 81 percent of the quotes, in stories about birth control: 75 percent. And so on. To quote The Church Lady: Well isn’t that special?
  • Gender studies: Ms. Magazine recently held a roundtable with four trans feminist bloggers. Interesting reading.

3 thoughts on “Feminist Files: For the boys

  1. Actually, Glenn Burke, an outfielder with the Los Angeles Dodgers and Oakland A’s on the late 70s was out when he played. (He tends to get forgoten because he just wasn’t that good, a very fast, good defensive fourth outfelder who hit about .240.) But things are definitely changing.

    Are you aware of the “You Can Play” project sponsored and supported by the NHL and all the GMs of the teams, and started by the President of the Maple Leafs in honor of his dead gay son — died in an auto accident, not in any sinister way? They have already run almost 20 videos featuring various hockey players with the motto “If you can play, you can play.” (Implying ‘whatever your orientation.’)

    And Paul Tagliabue, former commissioner of the NFL gave $1 million to the LGBQT center at Georgetown University — as long ago as 2005 he also gave a large amount to and worked with PFLAG.

    So things are changing, but still, one good coming out by a major athlete, at least a regular, ideally a star, while he was playing would help.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Prup. I admit, I don’t follow baseball. (Much more for the other three majors.) I was surprised it was a bit difficult to find much when I was searching the web, in terms of names of athletes. But I like the sound of that NHL program. I just hope we don’t have to wait too much longer for some really high-profile visibility. It’s time!

    • The videos are all on YouTube here. There have been 23 so far. Most are players — and you could make an All-Star team from those, with Lundquist and Price as goalies, and Zdeno Chara, Jason Pomerville, Shea Weber, and a lot of others. But there are other groups. A minor league hockey team, two universities stating they welcome LGBT athletes and provide a safe environment, two women’s teams, one pro, one college, even a men’s college basketball team, and announcers from TSN (the Canadian version of ESPN) pledging to treat LGBT arhletes with respect.

      And thanks to you as well, because you got me doing my own research. Tagliabue had previously given a large sun to PFLAG — his son is gay. More importantly, the NFL has added ‘sexual orientation’ to the designated categories in the anti-discrimination section of the latest CBA.

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