As you might have noticed, I’m working on some things to spruce up The Sin City Siren a bit. I’m coming up on a 5th anniversary on May 6. If that doesn’t call for a little renovation around here I don’t know what does!

The most obvious and awesome update that I want to highlight is thanks to the amazing talents of award-winning graphic artist Alex Raffi, of Imagine Communications, who created the new design for my logo! It’s a pretty big upgrade from past iterations that, I must admit, I did myself. (Never get a writer to do what a visual artist can do sooo much better!)

I am mulling over some other changes, too. So stay tuned!

In the meantime, have you signed up for my bowling team? We’re going bowling to raise money to help women have access to abortions through the National Abortion Access Bowl-a-Thon! Just imagine Mitt and Santorum’s faces on those pins as we knock ’em down! Join my team today!

Meanwhile, time is running in out on the UFC petition. Have you asked five friends to sign? We need all the signatures we can get before the petition closes at the end of the month. Let’s show the UFC that it is time for a code of conduct, NOW!

And that’s not all! Check back soon for info on other events I’m planning, including something to celebrate The Siren’s 5th anniversary!

PS: Have you “liked” my facebook page, yet? How about twitter? Get exclusive updates and real-time chats that you won’t see here!

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