Feminist Files: Racist bullshit edition

  • Skittles will never look the same: In the most recent Living While Black moment to make national news, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin (an A and B student with no record) was shot dead by an over-zealous neighborhood watch captain, George Zimmerman (who was arrested in 2005 for battery of an officer), while walking home from 7-11 with a bag of candy and an iced tea. 911 tapes reveal Martin’s last screams for help and the sound of a gun shot. Zimmerman (who has called the police 46 times since January 2011) does not dispute that he shot Martin, but is claiming it was “self defense.”
  • The burden of silence is palpable: The #IDidNotReport hashtag was all around twitter last week as people revealed their experiences with sexual harassment. The point is to show how prevalent the problem is and to embark on solutions to change it.
  • Careful, you’re sexism is showing: This is a nice piece on the double-standards we place on aging music idols. Why is Madonna pilloried for strutting around on stage at a “certain age” while rock gods like Springsteen are, well, gods?
  • It’s not safe to be female, even in America: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton breaks down why it’s wrong that conservative “extremists” target women.
  • Blame it on your mother: New book reveals that mothers have always been told they are too stupid to properly raise children. Thankfully, there have always been books written by men to guide them, right? Right?
  • What’s wrong with “having it all?”: Sexy Feminist offers a compelling argument for why media illiteracy is a feminist issue. Case-in-point: Trend pieces that sell the story that women can “have it all” without any bona fide research to back it up. It sells a lie instead of challenging the societal conventions that make it a lie. As a former journalist, this makes me sweat a little. But pushing back on the media for soft peddling hard issues is a fair call.
  • Step up and be counted: Remember to sign the UFC petition (just a couple of weeks left)! Get all the detail here.
  • Calling all feminists: My Fem2.0 colleague Katharina Lotz asks the really important question: Where are all the feminists hiding? Because from where she’s sitting, too many are hiding. She writes: It shouldn’t be the exception to fight against inequality – it should be the norm. Amen. Amen.

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