Mid-week news round-up: military at pride parade, the sexist dairy campaign and more!

It’s hot out there, and I don’t just mean the weather:

  • Have you been watching the week-long series on sexual violence airing on My News 3’s Healthline segment? It features Nevada Coalition Against Sexual Violence Executive Director Andrea Sundberg speaking on a variety of issues related to sexual violence. (Full disclosure: I am on the board of NCASV.)
  • Even if I wasn’t lactose intolerant, the new ad campaign for the California Milk Processor’s Board (those of the “Got Milk?” fame) gives me diarrhea. The “Everything I Do Is Wrong” campaign — targeted at men — is packaged as a pseudo-PSA to help me deal with women’s PMS. (The idea is that the calcium in milk may ease symptoms of PMS, which is not necessarily sound advice.) Sample text, “I’m sorry I listened to what you said and not what you meant.” The concept and execution are textbook sexism. See a photo and a good break-down at Ms. Blog. And you can sign the petition against the campaign here.
  • Speaking of overtly-sexist ideas trotted out in the media regarding heterosexual coupling: Jezebel busts Australian Today host Karl Stefanovic’s idea to create an incentive system for husbands. (e.g. doing the dishes earns you time out at the pub with the guys, etc.) So, that’s some major bullshit. And really, where do I even start? Infantilizing men. Operating under the assumption that domestic chores are the “natural” work of anyone with a vagina. … and so on.
  • If your outrage meter is off the charts after all that, here’s something that might make you feel better: A teen feminist calls Westboro Baptist Church to confront them (via Fbomb).
  • And circling back to nutrition for a sec, GOOD asks: Is it better to provide healthy food or eliminate junk food? A new study posits a surprising answer.
  • And speaking of consumption, this one might make you feel guilty about the lotion on your bathroom vanity. Racialicious breaks down the dirty little secret behind “fair trade” shea butter. (If we can’t trust the concept of fair trade, then are we just doomed to maintain our First World wealth on the backs of Third World women and children. Is there no way to untie ourselves from the yoke of oppression?)
  • Want some feel-good news? For the first time ever, active-duty military members will be marching in San Diego’s pride parade! It’s a great day when we can celebrate all our heroes!

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