The Siren goes big time!

Exciting news, Siren readers! Your humble Sin City Siren has been syndicated by Newstex! The organization provides online content to a variety of outlets and organizations including Amazon Kindle, The New York Times, Reuters and LexisNexis. But don’t worry, this won’t change your access to this site. Nothing is going to change for those of you lovely readers who read my site regularly, or the casual passerby. (Thank you, by the way!)

However, this does mean that in a couple months’ time (that’s how long it will take for all the technical hocus pocus to work its magic) you could download and read The Sin City Siren on your Kindle and various other sites! And it could also mean that some time, somewhere you could find a post by yours truly reprinted or posted in various news outlets.

I am grateful for this opportunity and, as always, am so grateful to all of you for supporting my work by coming back time and again to read my little outpost on the internet. When I started this blog four years ago, I couldn’t imagine where it might go or if this little passion project would ever amount to anything. It is with your support, your enthusiasm, and your encouragement that all this site represents — a virtual space to vent our shared outrage, a ground zero for community activism, and a place to lobby for feminist, prochoice, pro-equality politics — does more than just exist. It grows.

Thank you, Sirens!

PS: Don’t forget that you can keep up on SCS happenings — and get real-time content not available on the blog — by following me on twitter @TheSinCitySiren and liking me on Facebook!

5 thoughts on “The Siren goes big time!

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