Breaking news: The death of AB230 shows the cowardice of the Nevada Democrats

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The comprehensive sex education bill, AB230, has died.

It was pulled from the floor late last night after Democratic leadership worried it may hurt Sen. Justin Jones’ reelection chances. This, after women helped get Jones elected, canvassing and phone banking tirelessly to get him the few hundred votes he needed to cross the finish line. Guess where we will be in 2016, Sen. Jones? Not working for you.

Let’s be sure to contact Sen. Jones and let him know just how disappointed we are with his cowardly actions to put his career before Nevada’s youth. Email him at Or why not call him at 775-684-1421?

But this failure is not Sen. Jones’ to bear alone. The fact that Sen. Mo Denis was unwilling to fight for AB230 and opted instead to use his power to kill the bill, is something I will not soon forget.

How many times have I worked to get Democrats elected in this state? How can we come so close to the line, only to be sold out by our own?

Nevada needs comprehensive sex education, and the cowardice of these legislators does not diminish that need. We have the fourth highest rate of teen pregnancy. We have a high rate of STDs. A high rate of sexual assault and domestic violence (both of which are diminished when young people learn about consent, boundaries, and how to recognize the warning signs for violence).

But today we saw Nevada Senate Democrats’ true colors. I expect to be vexed and blocked by Republicans, but et tu Democrats?

So many people worked ridiculously long hours, canvassed, phone banked, wrote op-eds, testified, lobbied within their personal networks, and more. So many hours, days, weeks, months — hell, years — have gone into this. It is not just disappointing to be sold out by Democrats this close to the goal line, it’s heartbreaking.

But lest I leave this on a solely sour note, I want to encourage folks to give bill sponsors Assemblyman David Bobzien, Sen. Pat Spearman, and Assemblywoman Lucy Flores some well-deserved pats on the back. They worked hard. They put their hearts and careers on the line to fight for Nevada’s youth — for Nevada’s very future. And we will not forget that, either.

Women are watching. Indeed, 67 percent of all Nevadans support comprehensive sex education. So a lot more than just women are watching this inglorious clusterfuck.

The fight continues…

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