It’s time for new Democratic leadership in Nevada Senate

Now that I’ve had some time to let my ragehol work through my system about the “cowardly” death of the comprehensive sex education bill (AB230), I’m starting to get some perspective on the situation. Don’t get your hopes up Sen. Justin Jones, you’re still on my shit-list (I’m one of your constituents, after all). No, the perspective that is forming for me is the crystal clear realization that Senate Majority Leader Mo Denis is not only ineffectual, but a complete disaster as the party leadership in the State Senate. (I mean, let’s be real. Jones’ had promised his vote on AB230 and then got used as a pawn in some bullshit political gamesmanship. As mad as I am, I can see that.)

It’s time for a leadership over-haul. I nominate Sen. Pat Spearman to take over as the new party leader in the Senate!

I mean, look at what Denis did. He sold out the Democrats, the progressives who have been canvassing/phonebanking/lobbying for the Democratic agenda, and he sold out Nevada’s youth. For what? For some “political strategy” for the next elections. (PS: You might want to check your “math” on that one. How you gonna win without the women, Mo?)

He sold out every Democratic Legislator — like Assemblywoman Lucy Flores who faced personal danger for her testimony and work for AB230 — who sponsored and fought for this bill. He sold out every person who took time to testify about being raped, getting beaten, being abused and neglected. He sold out every canvasser. He sold out every volunteer who made calls for the Democrats who were supposed to have our backs.

It’s bullshit. I’m done. Bring on the New Day! It’s time for new leadership! It’s time for Sen. Spearman!

3 thoughts on “It’s time for new Democratic leadership in Nevada Senate

  1. Oh man do I agree with this We got to get some I’m getting very sick of these people running for office as Democrats an voting like Republicans It’s fraud!

  2. Mo was not looking out for student safety at all this session!! Check out his bill to clear the way to get rid of school nurses and replace them with volunteers or REQUIRE PARENTS TO MISS WORK to attend to their child’s needs at school. I got crap for calling him out he was going to do “so much good.”

    Time for Mo and his lack of clue about what keeps kids safe to go!

    Nothing nice to say about Justin. His wife is affectionately referred to as part of “the hand” fixing situations and handing out jobs to those who fall in line. Megan is one hell of a strategist and fundraiser for Harry Reid. But stuck her finger to the wind on this bill figured progressives were expendable and they will just have to use her fundraising power to buy him field workers for next cycle. Let’s see how that works out. Many people fall in line at the click of her heels who shouldn’t. Others get what they want to stay in line. Justin did not make this move without the approval of the hand whom I hear made phone calls while twitter blew up.

    Don’t overlook Chris Miller the county party chair. He was for AB 230 when it was convenient then was deadly silent when a call to action from him once he knew (or should have had the political skill to know) that this bill was in danger. He falls in line. That is not leadership.

    The first head that needs to roll is Chris Miller. He is the first up for re-election. I can go on and on how he has placed his convenience over what is in the best interest of the party. He is up for re-election on July 25th. Any registered Democrat in Clark County can file against him. Cleaning house has to start somewhere and if we want DINOs out – it will take REAL courage.

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