Obama wins! Ding-Dong the Election (Season) is Dead!

Screen capture tweeted by Think Progress.

Praise the Flying Spaghetti Monster or whatever deity you do or don’t believe in… this presidential campaign season is all over but the shouting!

And there is good news to report!

Of course, people wasted no time celebrating (or complaining) via social media of the president’s victory. I personally loved Think Progress’ tweet, “Obama Wins. It’s better on Fox News” with the screen-capture (at left).

Not only has President Barrack Obama been re-elected, but we’ve had some very exciting progress around the nation!

Progressive women did well in this election (as well as progressive issues):

Image courtesy of Planned Parenthood

And exit polling shows that women came out strong to vote in this election. Indeed, Obama showed a 10-point lead with women nationally. In an election where women’s rights were a central bargaining chip, we showed that we vote! For pro-choice, pro-women voters everywhere, it’s a good day to be an American. And tomorrow we break ground on the next four years and building on the progress, and promise, of this election.

Here in Nevada, a battleground swing state, the results have been more mixed:

  • The Silver State went blue tonight — carried almost exclusively by the urban Clark and Washoe counties — a big victory for so many on the ground here who were working their butt off for the Obama campaign and other down-ticket Dems.
  • In a nail-biter, Shelley Berkley lost to Dean Heller. With nearly five percent of voters pulling None of These Candidates, that may have really hurt Berkley.
  • Democrats pick up two of the newly minted four House seats with Dina Titus will be heading back to Congress in a new seat with a huge margin of victory. And Mr. Horsford will be heading to Washington, too.
  • The statewide ballot question to allow legislators to call a special session, where previously only the governor could do so, has passed. In past legislative sessions, Republican governors have been able to use their sole power to call a special session (and determine the only items on the agenda) as a crippling agent against the democratic process.
  • Unfortunately, the two funding questions before residents in Clark County failed. Clark County Question 2 — seeking funding for necessary maintenance and CCSD facility improvements — failed as did the Henderson Libraries Question. CCSD officials have already stated that schools will close if their ballot question failed. Similarly, HDPL Executive Director Tom Fay has said two branches will close if their call for increased funds failed.

There are some real losses here in Nevada tonight. But some good wins, too. And whadaya know… there’s a state legislative session just around the corner — three short months away. I can already hear the shouting…

2 thoughts on “Obama wins! Ding-Dong the Election (Season) is Dead!

  1. What hurt Shelley was the fact that she was nearly non-existent in the northern part of the state. She made a few appearances, but mainly left her campaign in the hands of a few surrogates. She popped in now and then, but I think she thought she was going to win it with the south alone. Anyone who has ever run a statewide race here knows that if you can’t pull a decent percentage in Washoe (not necessarily win it, mind you), then you’re not going to win the state. Especially when you look at turnout percentages in Washoe and ther rural counties vs Clark.If she had performed as well as Barack Obama did in Washoe, we’d be calling her Senator Berkley. The north knows Dean Heller, and they like him. They don’t know her up here and she made very little effort to change that, sorry to say.

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