Feminist Files: Questioning the logic

  • Turning black eyes blue? Not sure what to make of this PSA illustrating ways to cover bruises from domestic violence with makeup. Is this one of those times that we take the less-than-perfect because the end result is light bulbs going off? Or is this bullshit?
  • Got blood? We’re having a blood shortage. But gay men are still being turned away from donating at many blood banks. Sign this petition to take a stand.
  • A few “good” men? This petition by Lance Corporal Nicole McCoy was raped twice and sexually assaulted two more times in her three years in the Marines. She’s got a petition asking that those who commit these crimes be registered as sex offenders when they discharge. Speaking of which, they should not get honorable discharge if they are convicted of sexual assault. Honestly, I can’t believe this is even a debate.
  • Will we walk 500 miles? North Carolina tries to defund Planned Parenthood. Meanwhile, not only is the rate of sexual assault extremely high on reservations, but women are having trouble gaining access to Plan B and other reproductive health services. And if you live in Mississippi, it’s touch-and-go for reproductive rights. But things are swinging the right way — for now.

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