Score one for choice!

Bowling for access!

My dear Sirens, thank you so much for supporting team Sin City Sirens as we bowled — virtually and literally — for abortion access in the National Network of Abortion Funds bowl-a-thon! For the third year in a row, you have made access a little more within reach for women all over the country.

AND for the third year in a row, we’ve exceeded previous year’s fundraising totals! We raised $365 this year! (Last year we raised $130 — all from pro-choice men!)


A big reason why I started this blog five years ago was to make a difference in my community. At times like this, I know that with your help, I have.

* And stay tuned… I’ll be announcing the winner of the SCS 5th anniversary charity poll soon! The winner gets one week of free advertising on my site and fundraising by yours truly. (And then, I promise, I’m done fundraising for a while.)

3 thoughts on “Score one for choice!

  1. What a great book and the mix is across quite a spectrum -Shakespeare to Las Vegas here and now. I own several of your recommendations, that was fun to see.

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