This is my 1000th Post!

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One thousand posts. It doesn’t really seem possible that I’ve written that much. (And, in fact, I haven’t. Thank you, guest contributors!) It’s amazing what you can do in almost five years!

I’m not sure what I expected when I started this blog on May 6, 2007, but I know I wasn’t expecting the kind of longevity that comes from amazing support from this community and the pro-choice community who’ve found me thanks to twitter (follow me at @TheSinCitySiren) and facebook. I certainly wasn’t expecting syndication and to have friendships and colleagues across the country, thanks to this humble little blog. I’m not going to stroll down memory lane too much. But I’m really grateful to everyone who follows this blog. (Did you know you can subscribe to this blog and get automatic updates about each new post? Just click the link in the upper left column!)

And we’ve made some great strides in five years! Remember the controversy about the HPV vaccine? Not much of a blip these days. And thanks to so much hard work, the FBI has changed it’s definition of rape, which hopefully will end rulings from the bench like this one from Massachusetts in 2007 and nasty bills in Congress.

Now for the bad news: It’s depressing to see we’re still locked in some of the same fights today that we were five years ago. Five years ago Oklahoma banned abortions in state hospitals. Today we’re talking about state-mandated transvaginal ultrasounds before abortions. And there are still rich, white guys debating whether or not Americans like birth control (news flash from 2007, and today). We still have to fight crap laws in court, especially when it comes to the personhood initiatives. (But we do win them every now and then!) Not to mention the conservative blowhards that want to silence us with slut-shaming.

It’s as clear as ever that the uterus has not stopped being a pawn in so many political games. That’s why it’s up to us to be ever vigilant and stand strong against the anti-choice terrorists who would see us silenced and subjugated. But I’m in it to win it! And I hope you are, too! After all, we are stronger together!

And don’t forget to check out my other blog, The Tired Feminist, too!

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