Primary ticket: Nevada caucuses are almost here!

The lovely folks at Planned Parenthood are having pre-caucus breakfasts before both the Democrat (Jan. 21) and Republican (Feb. 4) events. Here are the details and information on their pro-women platform:


The Nevada Caucuses are rapidly approaching!

The Nevada Democratic Caucus is Saturday, January 21st.  Registration starts
at 11 am and the caucus begins promptly at 11:30 am.

          Click here to find your Democratic Caucus site!

The Nevada Republican Caucus is Saturday, February 4th.

Click here to find your Republican Caucus site!

We will be holding a special caucus breakfast before both the Democratic and Republican caucuses beginning at 8:30 am on January 21st and 7:30am on February 4th. Please join us for breakfast treats, FREE Planned Parenthood goodies, important information about the caucus and more!

PPSN on Charleston (3220 W. Charleston Blvd.)

For more
information or to RSVP please contact Annette at

Nevada Democratic Caucus

Protect Women’s Health Platform Plank

We envision a Nevada where people power our politics and the common good drives our public policy.

We believe in the fundamental right of self-determination and the constitutional right to
privacy for each individual to manage his or her reproductive and sexuality rights without government interference.

We believe women’s health must be protected against ideologically-driven policies that devalue women, such as:

    • defining fetal “personhood” at a woman’s expense or
    • removing or limiting access to the full range of health care from birth control to abortion care or
    • impeding medically accurate sexuality education for our youth.

Nevada Republican Caucus

Winning Women Voters Platform Plank

We envision a Nevada where people power our politics and the common good drives our public policy.

We believe all individuals have the right to make personal and private health care
decisions for themselves without government interference. There are deeply held beliefs on both sides of the abortion issue. Developing a platform that truly represents the party can best be done by focusing on the core Republican values and remaining neutral on the issue of abortion.

We oppose inclusion of the issue of abortion in the Republican platform.

Women make up over half of the American work force, and 98% of all American women will use birth control at some point in their lives. Access to reliable and affordable birth control is essential not only to keeping our economy growing, but also to keeping American women and their families healthy. Taking away access to birth control costs the party women’s votes.

We oppose policies that are harmful to women’s health including those that limit access to birth control.

We support leaving private medical decisions to women and their families and focusing on jumpstarting our economy.

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