Feminist Files: Republicans and the women they hate, with a Girl Scout cookie kicker

  • If you ever needed a good reason to buy Girl Scout cookies, here it is: Following an incident in which a transgender child was rebuked and turned away from a Denver troop last fall, Girl Scouts released a statement saying they were inclusive to any youth who present themselves as girls. Now, anti-LGBT forces are trying to organize a boycott of the iconic cookies. Seize the moment (and the cookies)! This year those cookies will come with that extra bit of sweet, sweet social justice! (And while you’re at it, sign this petition.)
  • Speaking of transgender issues, what about the controversy about a New Zealand tampon ad claiming that real women get their periods? The company has since apologized for the ad. But what a fuck up! And I can see ways this is offensive to lots of people, transgender or not. What about people who were born women and had to have a hysterectomy due to health issues? And beyond those issues, what about how ridiculous it is when we have campaigns based on who’s more of a “real man” or “real woman”? It’s just asking for trouble and, frankly, really uncreative.
  • What is up with the Amateur International Boxing Association’s edict that female boxers wear skirts when the sport debuts in the Olympics this year? This is stupid. Sign the petition.
  • Speaking of sexism in sports-related areas: Did you hear about Dennis Rodman’s new basketball team? It’s a topless women’s team for a strip club. Lame.
  • And while we’re at it, have you signed the petition calling for the UFC to enact a code of conduct and stop permitting hate speech and rape jokes? Do it now and share it with your friends!
  • Changing things up, this is an excellent post by RH Reality Check about the reproductive health care of servicewomen.
  • In the Daily Newt (by Mother Jones): We are reminded that it’s good to be bilingual but Spanish is a “ghetto language.”
  • Speaking of Republicans who hate women: Just to clear it up, Mitt Romney has always been bad for women.

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