Get your SCS fix in almost any platform!

Wish my immune system was as resilient as this cactus!

I’m taking a sick day (my baby has brought home another cold and between me and her, life is just too miserable and mucus-filled for rational thought). But this is the perfect time to remind you of all the ways you can connect with The Sin City Siren when I fire up the old blog again on Sunday for Blog for Choice Day!

Look at all the great ways you can keep up with SCS happenings and connect with other SCS fans:

  • Follow me on twitter @TheSinCitySiren for live tweet-chats, exclusive content, and real-time commentary on the latest news!
  • Have you become a fan of The Sin City Siren on Facebook, yet? This is a great way to interact with me and other fans!
  • Do you sometimes wonder if there are fresh SCS posts but don’t have time to surf the web? Why not sign up for automatic email updates! (See left column.) Simply enter your email address (stored by WordPress, not me) and you will get an email announcing every new blog post!
  • For iPad users, I recommend trying out the app Flipbook, which you can use to aggregate all your social network sites, favorite blogs and RSS feeds. Everything’s right there in an easy magazine format.
  • What about Kindle users? I’ve got you covered! As part of my syndication agreement, my blog will be featured in the Kindle Store starting in the next few weeks! Once it’s available, you can get automatic updates delivered to your Kindle in real-time!

And I don’t want to forget my other blog, The Tired Feminist, while I’m at it, which has unique content from this site!

Two last things:

  • There’s one week left before the deadline for applications for the SCS internship! Have you applied, yet?
  • Don’t forget to sign the UFC petition calling for an end to hate speech and rape jokes!

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