Have you signed the UFC petition?

Please don’t forget to sign the petition calling for the UFC to enact a code of conduct!

Ever since the organization decided to turn a blind eye to a rash of incidents of rape jokes and references to sexual violence by its fighters and even its president, Dana White, I have been working to encourage the UFC to enact a code of conduct, similar to that of other major sports organizations. Back in November I was part of a group of local mothers who rallied and called for swift action after Forrest Griffin tweeted that “Rape is the new missionary.” Since then, I’ve encouraged action through a petition, which has gotten signatures from people all over the world!

Sign the petition today!

This is an important cause to me because I am a survivor of sexual violence myself. And I have been fighting as an advocate for other survivors throughout my career — with my blog these past five years and in small ways during my decade’s long career as a journalist.

And I am not alone in shining a light on the UFC’s failure to curb its brute force outside the “octagon,” check out this letter (PDF) that the National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence sent to the New York State Assembly, regarding efforts to remove a ban on cage fighting in that state.

Incidents of misogynistic, homophobic and otherwise blatantly bullying language are the norm from fighters and UFC top brass. It’s clear that the UFC as an entity needs to clean up its act! If the UFC wants to be in the big leagues, it’s time for them to act like they are in the big leagues.

Get a code of conduct, already!

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