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Passing this along from the Nevada Women’s Lobby:




(or someone you know)!



The Nevada Women’s Lobby (NWL) is recruiting for our Northern Region Membership Team Leader.  This volunteer position, which also includes membership on NWL’s steering committee, will be instrumental in leading our drive to increase our membership, which will ensure NWL’s continued success providing an essential voice for women and children at the Nevada legislature.


While historically this position has been responsible for coordinating member recruitment state-wide, NWL decided to regionalize the Membership Team, with one team focused on recruiting in the south and the other the north.  This decision was based on the need for different recruitment strategies for each region.


The Membership Team will develop recruitment goals and a plan to attain these goals.  The Membership Team Leader, along with their team is responsible for ensuring recruitment solicitations are completed, accurate records are kept, thank you notes are generated, lapsed members are contacted, and potential new members are given the opportunity to join.    


The following NWL’s Principles of Unity guide our work:

Nevada Women’s Lobby is a voice for women and children. We are dedicated to equity, non-violence and reproductive choice. The lives of all people are inherently valuable and worthy of respect and dignity; therefore, we actively work to remove barriers of race, class, age, gender, religion, physical ability and sexual orientation.

Beginning with our own actions and language, we promote non-violence in all aspects of personal, economic and organizational relationships. We support every woman’s right to reproductive choice and self-determination.

For more information about the position, or to be considered for this opportunity, please contact Pam Russell at peffnjam@ptd.net or 484-241-1506.  


Visit our website www.nevadawomenslobby.org to find out more about NWL’s work and accomplishments.


If this opportunity isn’t for you, please add your voice on behalf of Nevada’s women and children by becoming an NWL member.  Click ‘join’ on our website and follow the links. 

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