Happy (belated) Birthday to The Tired Feminist!

Oh boy. I’ve been so busy stirring up controversy over here that I’ve been neglecting The Tired Feminist! It ain’t easy being a one-woman show! Can it be that I completely forgot the first anniversary of my little Tired Feminist?

As my toddler would say: Uh oh!

It’s true. The Tired Feminist turned one on Nov. 7! The time really does fly by (even in the blogosphere)!

In some ways I feel like a year ago was 100 years ago. So much has happened in my life since then. My soft, squishy baby turned into a tall, lean toddler who is head-butting her way through life — while stopping to ask “What’s this?” and “Go, Go, Go?” — along the way. I’ve transitioned from uncomfortable stay-at-home mom to work-at-home mom. I’ve left breastfeeding behind (hallelujah!). And I’ve gotten back to my activist roots.

The Tired Feminist is the intimate side of being a feminist parent. It’s the disgusting parts. It’s the emotional parts. It’s the what-the-hell-happened-to-my-body parts. It’s about the friction between who you used to be and who you are now. The tug and pull between ideals and reality. And of course, the really messed up sexist parts.

Life’s messy! And I don’t always have the time for a second blog. But I relish it! I feel like The Tired Feminist is the coffee talk on a Sunday afternoon to The Sin City Siren’s boots-on-the-ground soapbox. (I should really stop mixing metaphors now.)

Anyway, I’m sorry I missed The Tired Feminist first anniversary. But maybe that’s just about right. Maybe it is the quiet little blog that just chills out in the back. And, after all, missing another thing on the crowded calendar is, well, very tired feminist of me.

Because I am tired. But there’s miles to go before we sleep. And I want some good conversation on the way.

Here’s to many more anniversaries!

PS: Did you know that The Sin City Siren will be celebrating its 5th anniversary in six months? Look for details soon on ways to get involved with an event to celebrate — and give back to the community!

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