The back-up plan

What will/would you do if your birth control fails? You might want to be more prepared than these two:

This fall, Planned Parenthood is running a public information campaign to raise awareness about back-up birth control, specifically emergency contraception (aka, “EC”).

“Accidents happen which is why it is essential for any sexually-active woman, or man for that matter, to have a back up plan in case regular contraception fails, a condom breaks, or you have unprotected sex,” said Renee McConey, Las Vegas Regional Director for [Planned Parenthood of Southern Nevada].  “Knowing how and where to get EC is an important factor to ensure accessibility and therefore proper use.”

The above quote is taken from PPSN’s press release about their September campaign. It also contains this info:

The National Institute of Reproductive Health recently found that “lack of awareness of EC” is a major barrier to access; 79 percent of respondents cited a lack of knowledge of how/where to get EC, and 64 percent noted the high cost of over-the-counter EC (area pharmacies charge as much as $60) as being the reason they haven’t accessed it in the past.

EC is available without a prescription to anyone 17 years of age or older. Many Planned Parenthoods offer EC at a reduced rate. It is effective at preventing pregnancy for up to five days after unprotected sex.

Maybe you’ll never need it. But if you do, you’ll be glad you had a back-up plan.

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