New UNLV call line to help victims of violence

Until there’s an end to violence, we need services like this one. SCS supports the work that is happening on the UNLV campus and hopes that it will provide solace and help to those who need it:

Starting Aug. 29, UNLV will launch a 24-hour campus hotline for victims and survivors of sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, and stalking. The hotline is funded by UNLV’s undergraduate student government, CSUN, and housed within the Jean Nidetch Women’s Center (JNWC).

Trained victim advocates will provide support, education, resources and referrals for victims and survivors (and their immediate families and partners) who call the hotline. JNWC’s victim advocates help people access resources on and off campus, such as counseling, medical care, shelter options, and more. Advocates provide confidential and non-judgmental assistance every step of the way, from thinking through care and legal options to safety planning. If a victim or survivor chooses to report, advocates are able to provide assistance and support during legal and administrative proceedings.

The hotline is open to anyone who is part of the campus community: undergraduate and graduate students, staff, and faculty. Further, JNWC recognizes that these crimes do not discriminate based on gender or sexual orientation. Advocates understand that LGBTQ people are just as likely to experience domestic and dating violence, sexual violence, and stalking as straight people. In some cases, LGBTQ people may be more likely to experience such violence and less likely to feel like they can rely on social services or be taken seriously when reporting interpersonal violence. JNWC is committed to making the hotline a resource for everyone on campus.

You can reach our 24 hour hotline by calling (702) 895-0602 beginning August 29, 2011.

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