Last Day to RSVP for the Book Club!

How’s it going book clubbers? Have you finished Official Book Club Selection: A Memoir According to Kathy Griffin? It’s the first selection — picked by popular vote — of The Sin City Siren Book Club!

Today is the last day to RSVP to the book club meeting at my house — so send me a message via comments or e-mail if you are in! The book club will meet on Sunday, Nov. 7 at 1p.m. There will be treats! (We’ll be setting up skype, too.) I’m sure there will also be some live-tweeting and other such fun. (PS: I have a cat, in case anyone’s allergic.)


One thought on “Last Day to RSVP for the Book Club!

  1. Oh no! A cat! I didn’t even think about that! Thanks for letting me know. My allergy to cats is HORRIFIC. Unfortunately, that means I’m going to have to try to participate electronically. Sigh.

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