My final plea: More than a dozen reasons NOT to vote for Angle


Get Out and Vote!

Tomorrow is Election Day! Hurray! If you did not already turn out by early voting or mailing in an absentee ballot — then get the heck out and vote! (You can find your polling place here.)


Not to repeat myself too much…but I feel it’s just that important. Here are some of the many reasons I hope you will NOT be voting for Sharron Angle:

  • She’s a hypocrite: Living off her husband’s federal pension and healthcare while saying that taking Social Security is akin to welfare and that unemployment benefits “spoil” the jobless (Nevada has the highest unemployment in the country. So, you’re calling the electorate lazy, spoiled elitists?)
  • I don’t decide on who to vote for based on gender and neither should you. In fact, I think Angle is sexist. Why did she use the “man up” comment during her debate with Reid? Not only was it tacky, but it was also a sign that even though she’s a woman herself (one who’s trying to be elected into a seat of power), she still thinks women do not have the same strength or power as men. (And furthermore, in this climate of increasing awareness about bullying, is that really the message she wants to send? Thanks but not thanks.)
  • This is a big one: She’s against abortion even in the cases of rape or incest. She has said women in that situation should make “lemonade out of lemons.” When are candidates going to understand that a woman’s personal autonomy and full-fledged citizenry includes full reproductive rights?! I’m a whole person! I deserve to have the right to decide what happens to my body under any circumstance! (And, P.S. Ms. Angle: I’m a survivor of molestation. So anyone who tries to tell me that if I had become pregnant by that man I would have had to carry that child to term…lest I become a bully myself, let me control the rest of that statement and say this…The God I believe in, and who loves me, does not have a plan for me suffer like that.)
  • Oh, and speaking of God, He’s not afraid of black, either.
  • She’s the Teabagger candidate, sort of. But bullied the real Teabagger with her “juice.”
  • I don’t want to pay for my healthcare with chickens.
  • She hates Latinos and “illegal aliens”. No, not racist at all.
  • Her boogey-man-invoking Sharia Law publicity stunt
  • She wants to eliminate social security, the education department, the EPA and the VA
  • Other kooky mckooky things she believes: saunas for prison inmates, abortions cause breast cancer and families with two parents who work are bad
  • In fact, Angle has a “manifest indifference to human suffering.” Couldn’t put it better myself.
  • And if, by chance you’re a Republican who stumbled my way, here’s a good argument for why you need to vote for Reid, too. He’s got power in DC and Angle will have none. Pretty important in a shitty economy, especially in a state hurt more than most.

Okay, so ends my plea for you to NOT vote for Sharron Angle. But maybe you have other ideas or questions not covered here. (There are others running for other offices, after all. And what about those ballot questions?) Or, perhaps you want another opinion (really?). Well, you’re in luck. There are many quality voter guides out there right now. (Sorry, can’t link to that one newspaper’s guide. Don’t want to get sued.)

And here’s some info from the ACLU of Nevada about your voting rights.

Happy Voting!

3 thoughts on “My final plea: More than a dozen reasons NOT to vote for Angle

  1. Well said! I am a Republican who “stumbled” your way. I’m very much in favor of Senator Reid, not necessarily because he’s done a bang up job in Washington, but because Nevada would lose so much more without him. Mrs. Angle has proven she’s dumb as a stump, doesn’t want to answer questions, and is fairly intolerant of anything and everyone who doesn’t fit into her narrow view of life. She would be the ultimate embarrassment to Nevada, and she’d probably be just as happy if the State decalared bankruptcy. We cannot afford morons like her – and she in no way represents *my* values or beliefs.

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