Thank you, Jon Stewart and Company

Dear Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and all of your Talented Staff, Writers and Crew:

Thank you for the Rally to Restore Sanity (PS: I think the folks that are talking about ableism, in regards to the rally’s name, are taking their point a bit far). Because I’m a new mom to a 5-month-0ld, I was one of those busy people who didn’t have time to get to DC, let alone watch the whole thing on TV. (Groceries don’t buy themselves. Halloween cupcakes and costumes don’t make themselves. Unfortunately.) But, I managed to catch the last half hour and your reasonable, touching speech. And thanks for that.

Thanks for a televised rally that showed America that, indeed, most Americans are just average, busy, non-shouting, non-hysterical types. We see the irony and ineffectiveness in protesting. We also see the power and good-feelings we get when we come together. We (mostly) let people merge in traffic. We do have commitments that must be kept. We have places to be and responsibilities to ourselves, to our communities and, yes, even sometimes to our nation. (Voting is one of those, to be sure.)

But mostly I’m glad that your merry band helps us laugh at it all and reminds us to take a step back for perspective. Sometimes, the best comedy you do is to turn on the lights and show us that the bogey man is just a coat hanging on the back of the door. Well done. Well done.

If you missed the rally or Stewart’s speech, here it is. Although the video quality on this is not the best, it’s worth the time to listen. And hey, let’s keep it calm and reasonable out there:

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