But what does it all mean?

The election is over. Now what?

Well, for one thing, we’ll all be getting less annoying junk mail and be seeing less annoying campaign ads. Actually, that’s pretty damn nice. So, hurray! At least we have that.

There’s been a lot of good news/bad news round-ups out there. Mostly, it seems the take-away from the midterm elections is that it’s a mixed-bag. There is no real “narrative” that can totally sew it up in a pretty little bag. There was a “Republican wave” in the House but Dems still control the Senate (well done, Nevada, for not totally letting the country down on that one). The “Mama Grizzlies” didn’t completely win or lose. There were some LGBT victories and losses. There were some pro-choice victories and losses.

See? Mixed bag.

Here’s what matters here at home:

  1. The really good news is that Nevadans managed to (narrowly) beat back extremism by giving Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid a victory. (Much to the horror of leaders at the RJ compound.) I would say “well done.” But it wasn’t well done at all. It was an ugly, brutal, despicable race that was hard-fought and barely won. I’m glad Harry won, but there’s still blood on the field.
  2. Unfortunately, Nevadans lost some ground on prochoice issues last night. Rep. Dina Titus lost to Joe Heck, who has a bad record on choice and so-called women’s issues. He was endorsed by the Susan B. Anthony group and while in the state legislature he voted against coverage of the HPV vaccine, which is shown to prevent certain forms of cervical cancer. So that sucks. And there was no good prochoice winner in the Senate race either. Even though Sharron Angle didn’t win, the mormon Reid is on the record as antichoice. We also seem to have gotten an antichoice governor in Brian Sandoval. (Unlike his father, Rory Reid was supported by Planned Parenthood, so that said something about his bona fides. Too bad he lost.)  I say “seem to” because I can’t find anything on record about his views on the issue. But considering the purse strings behind him, I’d feel okay going out on a limb and presuming him to be antichoice. (Time will tell.) As usual, it doesn’t look good for reproductive justice in Nevada. Sigh.
  3. And let’s take a closer look at our new governor-elect Sandoval, shall we? As has been noted more than once, he is a very pretty man. And he is a great “candidate” guy. Not exactly sure what Sandoval is going to do about our state’s gaping $3 billion deficit. (That’s Billion. With a B.) He certainly has not offered even a taste of what his plans might be and the state legislature is set to convene in just a few months — aside from saying “no new taxes” and that he will continue $1 billion in tax cuts without cutting into social services. And he’ll veto a budget with new taxes. So…we’re looking at Gibbons, Jr.? No plan to dig us out of the hole and a complete cock-block to the Democrat-controlled legislature working to fix things. Yep, sounds familiar.
  4. Speaking of cock-blocking…or rather, not…we seem to have a penchant for brainless, beautifully coiffed, Republican governors (and senators) who are essentially puppets of corporate interests. So, that’s annoying. Let’s just hope Sandoval doesn’t continue the other dimwit, Nevada Republican tradition: scandals.
  5. Perhaps the biggest story of the midterms wasn’t one that got much attention at all: redistricting. It might not be as death-match exciting as the Reid/Angle war, but redistricting is a big, no make that, huge deal! Since last night’s elections put more Republicans in governor’s seats than Democrats, that will mean that many strongly Democratic districts may be getting tweaked as redistricting starts to happen based on the new census. These new district lines will have an effect on EVERY RACE from federal all the way down to puny local seats. This means that so-called “safe” districts for Democrats like Rep. Shelley Berkley (who easily won last night) might get re-drawn to be more challenging. This is bad news for progressives. Period.

One thought on “But what does it all mean?


    I’m proud of being a supporter for the Tea Party of West Michigan, that as-one-people of Americans, we believe in an overhaul of our government. Not Just the majority party, but the Republicans as well, who have both run away with the idea that they are shielded from the people’s intervention of the financial mess they have brought our children and their grandchildren. I noticed there is a bad taste in the mouths of the Lib-ocrats, as they now must swim the same way as the moderate Conservatives or get caught up in the Tea Party rip-tide. These election results are an ultimatum that this is a growing revolution; it is the mounting anger of the Tea Party. Both parties are notified now that even though the midterm election is over, the Tea Party has only just begun to clean house in the halls of Congress. The people have spoken and it’s about the revulsion of the corruption in Washington and in State Capitols.

    The Republicans have taken back the house, but they better understand the consequences of playing the same old, tired game over and over again against the people’s interest will not work anymore. We as Americans have become too passive, entrusting our future to career politicians who are busily filling their own pockets; promising the public to carry out their wishes, but instead negotiated behind closed doors with nefarious lobbyists to slit our fiscal throats. We–as Americans are poor defenders of our rights under the US Constitution, and we should bare our chests and close down shop, across this country as the Europeans do and organize nationalwide strikes? The Tea party will not tolerate senile Senator Harry Reid’s drive to reward the 13 to 20 illegal alien criminals. Yes! Illegal aliens who affronted our laws, and stole into a sovereign country must be punished.

    Rand Paul, a Kentucky Republican who won the Senate seat removed pro-illegal immigrant Democrat Jack Conway. Paul supports state-led solutions to illegal immigration such as Governor Brewers Arizona SB 1070 immigration law. He also wants to build an electric fence between the United States and Mexico, which would certainly be a major deterrent. Unlike the open border zealots and business special interest groups he is prepared enforce the “Rule of Law” and protect the US; Paul also want to move military reservations abroad, back to this nation to protect us and to guard the porous border . It’s very obvious that many of the hard- nosed Liberal lawmakers and Governors lost the race, owing to their sickening agenda of giving criminal aliens some kind Immigration reform. Hopefully the new make-up of the house will investigate illegal aliens being released as they have no criminal record, other than entering America through the backdoor.

    The majority of American citizens are now very much aware, that decades of government have been pilfering tax money to support illegal alien families. That also goes for expectant women who intentionally come to our nation, to have their instant citizenship baby (A-n-c-h-o-r Baby), by the hundreds of thousands annually. With no insurance and no money, leaving taxpayers to pay for pre-natal debt to hospitals, then collect thousands of dollars from the unaware citizen in welfare. It’s doubtful we can repeal the instant citizenship act, but it can be revised to stop this draining of public welfare treasuries? The Tea Party new elected politicians better table any chance of Immigration Reform, and start creating obstacles to Senator Harry Reid and Boxer, who have a appalling history of immigration enforcement. My guess that countless of numbers of illegal aliens voted for them, as they all carry deceiving identification such as the housemaid who worked for Meg Whitman?

    California has a poorly managed welfare system where many people want something for nothing, including illegal aliens who use false ID. We must sever all welfare and public subsidies to non citizens that will save billions for the overtaxed US. August 11, 2009–Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich announced that welfare to foreign nationals with nationalized babies projected a cost over a 12 month period – this would exceed $575 million dollars. Those infants of illegal aliens in the County collected nearly $22 million in welfare and over $26 million in food stamps. Annually the cost of illegal immigration to Los Angeles County taxpayers exceeds over $1 billion dollars, which includes $350 million for public safety, $400 million for health care, and $500 million in welfare and food stamps allocations. Twenty-four percent of the County’s total allotment of welfare and food stamp benefits goes directly to the children of illegal aliens born in the United States. This is the legacy of the Liberals for decades of extorting money from citizens, to pay the way for foreigners. 8.5 Million illegal aliens working, as the 15 million American drudge the streets, trying ro feed their families.

    Ex Speaker Pelosi has been shepherded out of her contented position as House speaker and all other politicians are under the gun to be carefully watched and any deviation and spat out in 1220, if not committed to the people. The Dream Act or any form of another Amnesty must be confronted by an iron fist. Any form of Amnesty will attach access to our Social Security, even for those who have paid nothing into the system. With Amnesty comes chain migration of family members; mothers, fathers and siblings bring all there ills; the sick and infirm that taxpayers will be further burdened with. This is an absolute travesty against the American people, who have paid towards their retirement all their lives. All Tea Party newcomers going to Washington will be carefully analyzed for their voting on issues that does not conform to our will.

    They will be dislodged from their seat if they vote during a Lame Duck bill to do with given criminal foreigners a pass to Amnesty. America is drowned in debt from previous administrations that has spiraled to an amount of 14 Trillion dollars, and now the Senate leaders Reid and Boxer wants to give criminals— Amnesty? That the Heritage Foundation has stated it will add a cost 2.6 Trillion to settle them indefinitely. Various issues will be either repealed or revised according to the Tea Parties platform. To return empowerment back to states and shrink the Federal Government, which means giving education policies back to states, and reduce bloated entities such as the Department of Education. This should be invested in the schools and parents, not run by the federal authorities or layer upon layer of civil administrators.

    Over the years both parties have taken the money from the people, to fund irrational earmarks that are become a serious problem today and must exempt from any new laws enacted. Perhaps introduce a flat tax, so nobody is exempt from paying taxes on any item purchased and reduce the size of a bureaucratic nightmare called the IRS (Internal Revenue Service.) The stimulus- tarps and special overhauls of financial institutions will stop now, same as special trade privileges for China. Hasn’t anyone notice that they are building a giant war machine on our dollars exported. All free trade agreements must be renegotiated or we better still, withdraw from the humiliating genuflecting to foreign countries. Over abundance of foreign trade has wrecked this countries manufacturing commerce. My spouse has a habit of buying cheap goods, made in cheap labor countries that break down or never work as promised. Start loaning money to small and medium business enterprises, as they are the job generators; not to banks, financial investment firms or the auto industry. Start taxing all goods coming into the country and use other deterrents to stop the importation of cheap labor goods; lordy! We don’t even produce our own televisions anymore?

    The strong arm of Unions such as SEIU is stealing the lifeblood from taxpayers, with huge pension agreements especially in Liberal extremist States like California. These Unions are full of Marxists and violent people, who will do anything to get what they want. The example is Jerry Browns, and ultra Liberal Senators like Boxer, a senior citizen that will also kowtow to the Unions and drain money from the State. Under Jerry Brown California will stagnate as he is another demented Liberal that because of millions of dollars in Union dues, provided to him will be indebted to the Union mob. It’s almost laughable that he has been reinvented, after the years when he almost bankrupt Oakland. In the 1960’s Los Angeles—a Sanctuary City–was never the open toilet it has become now, full of illegal aliens, criminal nationals and the likelihood of cells of hidden terrorists.

    The Tea Party and is propagating membership has much to do, in voicing their opinion of how to train their legislators in fighting the political slime along the Capitol beltway. The battle to return America to its roots has just began, the revisiting the priceless words of the constitution and making this nation great again. No more of this garbage spread by the liberal fringe groups to our schools, to our young. Place political correctness doctrine in the garbage fill, where it belongs. Free Speech is what it is–FREE SPEECH, given to us by our founding fathers, not the communist’s insurgency in our society. As for Voter fraud–nobody has truly investigated the chicanery that happened around the country, specifically in Nevada. But the voting system needs updating so only real citizens can vote without the worry of strange goings on in Polling place; absentee ballots are not safeguarded enough in California, Nevada or border States.

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