Support the Siren: Buy an ad!

Hey did you see that? The Sin City Siren has its very first ad (it’s for ProgressNow Nevada and in the right-hand column —–>)! This is a new adventure for your humble Siren, but hopefully a good one. (And I promise that my post yesterday about ProgressNow Nevada was not because of a potential ad-buy but based on my real feelings about the work they do.)

You know why this is making The Siren’s heart go pitter-pat? Because one of my big goals has been to do Sin City Siren events and that takes money, kids! In fact, I’m in the early stages of planning a 3rd Anniversary event for The Siren. (If you would be interested in volunteering,  sponsorship or donating goods or services, PLEASE let me know!)

**If you or your organization would like to buy ad space on The Sin City Siren, please contact me via e-mail!**

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