Gov. Jim Gibbons is an idiot

I am so tired of and frustrated by Nevada’s chosen governor — a guy so moronic that he doesn’t realize that sending 800+ text messages to his mistress on a state-owned cell phone (sometimes during key legislative meetings) makes those texts public record AND forces Nevadans to foot the bill!

The guy has never NOT been in a scandal or under investigation since BEFORE taking the governor’s office when he was accused of attempted sexual assault of Chrissy Mazzeo in a parking garage. So I’m hardly surprised when information from his mistresses came out in divorce court potentially tying him to some sort of intrigue involving gym bags full of cash being carried across state lines.


Last night during his State of the State, Gibbons used his office as the Governor to essentially give a candidate’s speech. He’s out of campaign money and his poll numbers are tanking. He talked about how much he’s awesome because Republicans are awesome and because he didn’t vote for taxes during the 2009 legislative session (which also had a record number of vetoes and a record number of veto-override votes).

Gibbons key points were:

  • Republicans are the best
  • I’m totally awesome
  • I didn’t raise taxes
  • Taxes are bad, mmkay?

Oh yeah, somewhere in the middle he threw in some ideas on how to meet the state’s $881-million deficit:

  • Cut education funding and quit your whining about it: K-12 proposals have ranged from 10% to a staggering 22% cuts; higher ed as much as 22% (or, you know, the equivalent to shutting down CSN or the UNLV Law School)
  • Close the state prison
  • Lay off state workers
  • Close state healthcare programs
  • And, oh yeah, let’s start a gift certificate system whereby citizens can help pay for teacher’s salaries by donating to them through gift certificates. *scratches head* Isn’t that what taxes are for?

Excuse me while I go vomit.

Okay, if you don’t like this perhaps you can swing by the Grant Sawyer Building around 10:30 am today. The UNLV anti-budget-cuts rally will be heading over there to make their voices heard as part of a walk-out.

I am so sick of this guy! Frankly, it’s time that everyone in this state rallies behind the cause of voting Jim Gibbons out of office.

5 thoughts on “Gov. Jim Gibbons is an idiot

  1. The editorial titled “Gov. Jim Gibbons is an idiot” is typical campaign blather. Not a single suggestions on how Nevada’s crisis could be better addressed, but lots of verbiage having no connection to the problem at hand. In addition, it contains a number of untruths! Gibson did not mention his party affiliation, although the writer alleged several times that he spent space boosting the Republican party.

    If when (or ever) the writer has something of value or interest to write, I would like hear it.

    I thought that Gibbons gave an excellent speech and it contained all of the basic ideas that must be considered if we are to meet the current crisis.

  2. An idiot and a liar.

    Hear how he touted that “Washington has failed to help Nevada”? He seemed almost gleeful to announce, “Nevada ranks near the bottom of per capita federal spending, and we rank dead last in per capita stimulus funds. Although there is a perception that Nevada has clout with this Administration, Washington has turned a deaf ear to our problems.”

    So what’s this I see at, the state website devoted to tracking American Recovery and Reinvestment Act 2009 allocations to Nevada? This state office has records showing $284,700,195.00 in federal allocations to various public programs and services in Nevada.

    Does Governor Gibbons know that he lies whenever his lips move?

    Don’t get me started on his administrative incompetence.

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