Props to ProgressNow Nevada and LVJournal Review!

Yesterday was Blogroll Amnesty Day, a day to give a shout-out to lesser-known or just generally kick-ass blogs you think need attention. I admit I didn’t know anything about it until I found out the awesome femmes over at Evil Slutopia had chosen your humble Sin City Siren as their pick this year! Color me surprised and back-atcha Evilistas (or is it Slutistas?)! I think Evil Slutopia rocks, too!

I was a bit preoccupied yesterday with the house water-damage drama going on at Siren HQ, so I’m doing my Blogroll Amnesty Day pick a day late. But it’s the thought that counts, right? My pick is ProgressNow Nevada. Have you seen all the seriously great action going on over there? They have a fresh approach to progressive politics (and community activism) in Nevada. And I especially love their LVJournal Review, in which they go all Jon Stewart on The RJ. Much love!

Here’s an excerpt of yesterday’s LVJournal Review post so you can see what you’ve been missing:

Feb. 3, 2010

Yesterday afternoon when Barack Obama once again uttered the words Las Vegas, we knew the Review-Journal would jump on the remarks as further evidence  the president is trying to keep our economy down.

And so it is today that the most important story in the worldview of the RJ editors is the fact that Obama mentioned Las Vegas in the context of families trying to hold off on discretionary spending to save for college.

Top of the fold, Obama’s bad. Obama’s killing Las Vegas. Obama’s trying to keep us down. Nice non-story Ben Spillman.–83423182.html

Buried on the bottom of the page … the governor’s proposal to gut public schools.

Ed Vogel’s story on the proposed 10 percent cut to public schools uses most of its ink on whether Jim Gibbons has the legal authority to force salary cuts on the collectively bargained teachers employees.

It would be nicer if Vogel could examine the legal and more practical solution educators are discussing — SHORTENING THE SCHOOL YEAR!!!

In the context of the state’s unbelievable fiscal problems, do you think it’s a front-page story if the governor is complaining about collective bargaining? Or is it front-page news when the state’s largest school district might have to go to a four-day week?

Judgment. Judgment. Nowhere to be found.

An equally distressing story wasn’t worthy of today’s front page given all the scrutiny to Obama’s use of the words Las Vegas and Gibbons going batty on legal fronts.

How’s this for front page worthy? Shutting CSN or the UNLV law school.

You have to wade through seven graphs of a Richard Lake story that wasn’t deemed front-page worthy to find the very real scenarios the system of higher education is examining to come up with a 22 percent cut.

Maybe the RJ will deem the death of the College of Southern Nevada newsworthy if new baseball standout Bryce Harper has no team anymore.

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