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My how the news piles up when you’ve got your nose to the grindstone … my apologies, chickadees:

  • More interesting news regarding Nevada’s energy issues: Nevada Power announced today that it and its parent company Sierra Pacific Power are going to expand renewable energy programs to include rebates on certain residential and agricultural alternative energy methods. Now, if we could just get a subsidy program to put solar panels on every home and business in So. Nevada …
  • The Nevada state Public Employees’ Benefits Program (PEBP) Board voted 3-2 today to approve domestic partnership benefits to state employees today. The decision of the legislative committee is encouraging, but as yet unfunded. Still, it’s an important victory!
  • Speaking of important LGBT community victories, how about the California State Supreme Court ruling last week in favor of a woman denied infertility treatment by a Christian fundementalist doctor because of the woman’s sexual orientation! (The woman’s health insurance had an exclusive contract with the fertility clinic.) The court upheld the state law against discrimination. Kudos to Lambda Legal for fighting this case!
  • Speaking of families: I’m voting for kids. Seriously. And you should, too. To get materials and information (including FREE posters!), go to the Every Child Matters to see what’s happening in Nevada.
  • Speaking of health care for everyone, The Health Equity and Accountability Act needs support. Read all about it over at NOW.
  • Did you catch Hillary Clinton’s energizing speech tonight? Now’s the time for us progressives to put our full support behind Barrack Obama. Check here for Weekend of Action events here in Nevada this weekend.

2 thoughts on “Pick a topic, any topic

  1. “Now, if we could just get a subsidy program to put solar panels on every home and business in So. Nevadans will have less money to buy food, clothing, and school supplies for their children, and then put other people in the grochery stores and retail stores out of work” muahahahaha.

    Yes, a subsidy means you’re taking money away from one group and give it to another.

    If you’re fine with increasing poverty to marginally reduce temperatures 100 years from now, well, good for you. I’m not so I say NO SUBSIDIES.

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