Contraceptives are NOT the same as abortions!

When are we going to get through to legislators and conservatives: Women should have autonomy over their own bodies, including their uterus’ and the decision when and to/if have children!

The latest stop in the uterus wars? A potentially damaging federal Health and Human Services regulation could be interpreted to mean that contraceptives are the same as abortion. This would have serious implications on women’s access to healthcare options, insurance coverage for birth control (at least those that offer coverage) and to have control over their own bodies! In addition, it would essentially gag US doctors from discussing contraceptive options with their patients in certain cases.

It’s a not-so-subtle attempt by the Bush administration to redefine abortion to include contraceptives and increase the amount of inaccurate reproductive healthcare available to women.

Don’t stand for this! Take action now!

We have less than 30 days to have our voices heard!

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