Could Nevada lead the eco-way?

A week after the Nevada Clean Energy Summit brought some of the nation’s biggest renewable-energy players together at UNLV — an improbable feat of its own, considering the Silver State’s less-than-stellar record of environmentalism — the Review Journal has released some poll data that (dare I say it) shows some real potential for Nevadans to get on board with renewable energy and water conservation.

According to the poll, 69% of Nevadans said they would be willing to pay more for energy if it came from clean sources. The results were promising for the sum of the six Western states surveyed as well – 64% of 2,400 respondents said they’d willingly pay more for clean energy.

Meanwhile, half of Nevadans surveyed said they would support water restrictions to help deal with climate-change-related water issues in the West. Encouraging news in the work to promote water conservation and sustainable growth. (The bad news is that the poll showed disparity among those who believed climate change was real — a line drawn deeply by political party affiliation.)

The real downer, but not a surprise, was that the proposed nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain isn’t much a deal-maker or deal-breaker for voters. 38% of Nevadans polled said that the dump would not influence their vote one way or the other. And less than a quarter — 23% — said it would be a factor in their vote.

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