Somehow the world keeps turning

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I haven’t had two minutes to rub together lately! Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped a steady stream of blog-worthy stuff from happening in the world around me. 🙂

  • Am I the only one who’s completely sick of the media’s spin and rhetoric — the Dems are going to eat themselves! — on the Democratic primaries? What about the excitement that we have two viable, amazing candidates and that it is getting people interested in the system in a way that is rarely seen and in some cases (like the Clark County Democratic Convention) has never happened before?
  • I can live without the pundits placing bets on who will win the Dem primary. But Newsweek put together a very nice graph analyzing the outcome of hotly contested nominations dating back to 1968. It’s worth a look.
  • Speaking of the vacuous Big Media coverage of the elections, what’s up with all the faith in polls, which have been consistently wrong in this election? And what’s up with the endless pursuit of which demographic is going to be The All-Powerful Swing Vote? It seems like just last week everyone was saying that the Dem primaries are going to come down to the votes of Older Women. This week everyone’s talking about White Men. WTF?! It seems the last time we put all our eggs in the Soccer Mom/NASCAR Dads vote, everyone on TeeVee just ended up looking dumb-founded. And when in American history have the white males been neglected? I really wonder if some of this is that the Big Media folks are starving for “new angles” on the story. They want to beat each other over the head with opinion and speculation that can’t be confirmed because they are tired of reporting the fact that no one knows how it’s going to go down until the PA vote actually happens. Maybe it’s time for Big Media to get back to what it’s supposed to do, you know, cover the news that is actually happening.
  • Finally, I can’t leave the topic of the presidential elections without mentioning the ABC debates this week. What was that about? I love, love, love what Jon Stewart did with it on The Daily Show as well as Colbert’s post-debate jokes. And I love that the biased moderators were heckled. You know, whether you’re for Clinton or Obama, it should be about a fair debate. And, enough with the flag-pin thing.
  • And now for something completely different: Remember the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada? The centers had their licenses revoked and were fined $500,000 on April 8 for a lack of following proper medical procedures including reusing syringes and other practices. So far there have been at least 6 cases of acute Hepatitis C and suspected seventh case. Meanwhile, one woman is suing because she believes her husband contracted the disease and died after being treated at the center. Meanwhile, 40,000 current and former patients had to be tested for Hep and HIV when the news broke, which means there could be more cases since both diseases can take months to register on tests. So the clinics are shut down the the scandal has been linked to cronyism (some members of the state health board have resigned because of associations with the clinic) and one doctor involved worked for the governor as a health advisor early in his administration. So what now? Is that all the public gets? A relative slap on the wrist for the douchebags involved? I’m not personally effected by this, but I’m still outraged. There needs to be some justice! After all, the unsafe policies in place at these clinics were to save money, but the supplies involved were estimated to only cost less than a dollar per patient. Hardly enough to validate doing something that directly leads to killing someone!
  • Finally, don’t forget to call your senators regarding the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, scheduled for a vote on Tuesday, April 22. Feministing has a nice over-view of the law and the issue. The most important reason to care: 77 cents on the dollar is not fair or equitable!

— E

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