Abandoning your pet to die makes you a douchebag in my book

So not only are people losing their homes in the foreclosure/recession situation, but animals are getting the shaft too. And in this case I actually feel a little sorrier for the pets involved because often they are just abandoned in the homes to die.

What kind of sick, cold-hearted, Grinch are you that you would lock your pet in a house you are leaving behind?! Strike that — even the Grinch took care of his pet!

Even though I love animals and am very much interested in ending needless animal cruelty (for instance, I am really, really against using animals as entertainment, ala the circus), I still consider the general order of things to be humans first, then other animals. (And yeah, I eat meat.) But in this case, I have to side with the pets because it isn’t their fault that the humans either got duped by predatory/shady lenders or were dumb-asses and lost their homes.

This reminds me of a book I used to read to my students back when I was a preschool teacher. I can’t remember what it was called for the life of me but the story was based on real-life events. In the book a family moves to a new home but it doesn’t allow pets so they abandon their pet cat at their old apartment. With no one around the cat starts to starve to death until it finds a sack of bird seed and a leaky water faucet. It is barely alive when the landlord discovers it a month later and takes it to a vet. The cat gets nursed back to health and adopted by a husband and wife who keep the cat in their bookstore to keep them company all day and chase mice away. It all ends well but the story is quite sad in the middle. Even my little preschoolers would tear up and get very worried about the poor little kitty who was abandoned. When 4 and 5-year-olds can see that something is wrong, that’s pretty telling.

And isn’t it one of the first steps of serial killers and other homicidal maniacs that they abuse animals? Guess what? Abandoning your pet(s) because you fell on hard times doesn’t make you that much better, douchebag.

Seriously, abandoning your pet to die is a super shitty thing to do. Don’t do it.

And hey people who like pets, why not adopt one from the over-crowded shelters? Or, call up your friendly neighborhood veterinarian’s office and see if they have had any critters abandoned at their clinic? (My friend is a vet and says this happens pretty regularly.)

Bottom line: If you can’t afford your pet anymore it’s your legal responsibility AND your moral obligation to get that critter a new home — even if it’s a shelter. Give the little four-legged fur-faces a chance!

— E

3 thoughts on “Abandoning your pet to die makes you a douchebag in my book

  1. Even though I’ve dabbled in animal rights activism (right here in this blog, in fact), I don’t fault you for your ‘humans first’ stance. Each species has to stand up for itself, and it’s only natural to take care of your own and see it as primo importante.
    But, I do agree that once you’ve taken on the responsibility of a domestic animal then it’s you’re responsibility to care for it.
    And as a pet owner, I just can’t see how someone could do this. I just don’t get it. These people must be sick!!

  2. I found a tiny kitten in my front yard about three weeks ago. He was nose to nose with my Schnauzer, who was on a lead. Needless to say I brought him in and took him to the vet after trying for a couple days to find the owner.My vet said they had been seeing quite a few “sprinkling” of kittens in the last few weeks. Now, I already have three cats and two dogs….I am on social security with a little retirement back up but not much. I am fortunate to own my home but taxes are expensive, twice a year; even so, I will take care of this little baby as long as I am able I and think he was put in my yard by a kitten’s guardian angel. 🙂 I can’t judge people who don’t keep their animals when circumstances change, but I would keep mine if we all had to eat crackers and peanut butter together. Rocky, feline 19, Marvy, feline 11, Callie, feline 2, Archie, feline….8 weeks. Scooter, canine 10, Barney, canine 4.
    They are my kids, after all.

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