Kitty break

There’s a lot of stuff going on in the world, but I’m distracted (and very unhappy) because my bathroom flooded resulting in water damage and what looks to be extensive repairs. Why did I want to be a homeowner, again? So all I can handle is kittens right now. Enjoy:

What’s going on?

Just in time for Earth Day, a report from the National Academy of Sciences has concluded that exposure to smog and ozone definitely lead to premature death, putting weight behind the case for lowering air pollution. In wackadoo Earth Day/Equal Pay Day nonsense (a two-fer!): Being a feminist hurts the environment because equal pay means…

Check it out

If you like Natalie’s writing here at The Siren, check out her new blog Vegetarian News & Views. She’s got the feminist, animal-rights thing in the bag. But don’t worry, she’s assured me she’ll still be delivering some news our way from time to time, too. — E

Abandoning your pet to die makes you a douchebag in my book

So not only are people losing their homes in the foreclosure/recession situation, but animals are getting the shaft too. And in this case I actually feel a little sorrier for the pets involved because often they are just abandoned in the homes to die. What kind of sick, cold-hearted, Grinch are you that you would lock your…