More of this and that

Buried under a pile of paperwork (government forms make me itch), I dig myself out momentarily to offer you these news bits. Enjoy and remember to chew thoroughly.

  • More Caucus Fest: Planned Parenthood not only is hosting a pre-caucus rally for the 35th anniversary of Roe v Wade on Jan. 19, but they are organizing their butts off for the actual caucus. According to a national release that found it’s way into the lowly Siren inbox, more than 1,000 volunteers will be flooding the caucus in bright pink “Protect Women’s Health” t-shirts armed with pro-reproductive-rights plank info. Still time to sign up, too. But I must admit I’m confused because the release also says that more than 400 folks from Clark County have signed up. Does that mean that there are actually at least 600 folks from the rurals and No. Nevada coming to the caucus in support of reproductive rights? I have new respect for the rurals and No. Nevada! In fact, now that I think about it, for shame Clark County! Get off your butts and get out there!
  • But UFOs are cool: Well according to, during the past year presidential candidates have been asked 2,679 questions. (Wow, I’d hate to be the intern that had to count the questions!) And guess what? The candidates have been asked about global warming 3 times, equal to the amount of times they’ve been asked about UFOs. (Seriously, UFOs?) MoveOn’s got a petition to ask TV reporters (what, ink-stained wretches don’t count?) to start doing their jobs.
  • Today’s Democratic candidate e-mail tally: Clinton 8 9 make that 13, Obama 1.
  • Speaking of candidates, apparently Obama and Clinton each have announced Spanish-language ads in NV.
  • Speaking of races/ethnicities other than white, here’s your obligatory mention of the race/gender thingy happening on the campaign trail between Obama and Clinton.

— Emmily

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