Pregnant teen dudes. Thoughts?

It’s not local but it definitely caught my eye. The United Way of Greater Milwaukee has placed ads around their city depicting a teenage boy as pregnant to raise awareness of teen pregnancy issues. It’s part of their “One Milwaukee” campaign regarding teen pregnancy as well as guns. Interesting. I have often thought if men were the ones with uteruses (uteri?) the reproductive rights situation would be quite different. Thoughts?

Update: While perusing a popular fashion mag, noticed the Absolute Vodka ad on the back. You may have seen it. It’s got a hetero couple and the guy is pregnant. Adds sort of a twist to the above item in my mind. (Not to mention makes me a little squeamish about the conflation of booze and pregnancy.) Does it change your view?

— Emmily

4 thoughts on “Pregnant teen dudes. Thoughts?

  1. Honestly… My first thought was, “Did that model/actor know his image would be used for this ad?!”

    That alone says enough.

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