Gives a whole new meaning to “Dirty Harry”

This really irritates me. There is a product called The Pink Stinger, a 50,000-volt stun-gun disguised as a set of pink tampons. I don’t know where to start. Why would you choose a tampon shape for a stun-gun? (Menstruation as lethal weapon?) Why is it pink? (Evil men everywhere fear pink?) Why is the promotional material so blantantly bad?

Ladies can replace that monthly period with an exclamation mark as feminine hygiene goes lethal with The Pink Stinger, a stun gun creatively disguised as a tampon…except for the buttons, prods and high voltage. This weapon of mass absorption aims to target a niche market consumer, that being the tampon wielding women who desire private and discreet security in a friendly familiar package.

And how stupid are we? Well, I guess if you’re willing to wield a pink tampon-shaped stun-gun maybe you need to be reminded of certain things ….

*This product strictly for use in accordance with country or state laws. Need not be female or menstruating to use effectively. Tampon stun gun to be used for security purposes only or in self defense. It is not intended nor recommended for vaginal insertion.

Yet a new reason for men to fear tampons the other 3 weeks of the month.

Well, I can’t argue that tampons are fun, but scary (well, for the environment, maybe)? I think any man who’s afraid of a tampon is already suspect. Or is that the idea? Men are afraid of “woman stuff.” Lame.

And while I’m against the idea of making menstruation mysterious and secret, I don’t ever get the urge to just whip out a tampon in normal conversation or when I’m digging through my purse, etc. In fact, I find most people (male and female), tend to get a little annoyed or put-out if you accidentally expose any sort of feminine hygeine products you might be carrying. So if I’m in danger and I feel the need for a stun-gun, I’m not sure that my first instinct would be to fish out the pink tampon taser in my bag.

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