True Colors Tour

A group of us went to the True Colors concert on Friday and it was really fun. I wasn’t going to miss it because I love Cyndi Lauper and it was finally a chance to see her without being billed with some band/performer I don’t like. Plus, Margaret Cho performed throughout the concert (there were several acts including the Indigo Girls and Erasure). The only truly lame act was Debbie Harry.

Aside from the entertainment factor, I was really moved during parts of the show, which was a benefit for the Human Rights Campaign. (They even gave out purple rubber bracelets that say “erase hate.”) During a brief video about HRC’s work, they flashed some stats on hate crimes. According to their info, 1 in 6 hate crimes is based on someone’s sexual orientation or gender identification.

Of course the clincher was when Cyndi sang “True Colors” at the end of the show. I was in tears, especially after she talked about how important that song has become to the LGBT community. It was cheesy but also magical to think about all these performers coming together to support a good cause. So often you see celebrities involved in charity gigs out of a desire of publicity. But with the exception of Debbie Harry, everyone performing with True Colors seemed like they really wanted to be there. It did my cynical heart good to see people work toward an agenda other than themselves or their own fame.

And I couldn’t help but think about Erin Davies and the Fag Bug while at the concert. (Too bad she couldn’t have been here that night!) I have a lot on my plate these days but even in my off time at a concert, I can’t stop thinking about how inspiring the Fag Bug is (see previous posts). I am often worried that I don’t know what I’m doing as far as putting an event together, but I just feel in my heart that I can’t let Erin down. Las Vegas deserves to hear her message and she deserves to share it here. I hope that I can just be the link between.

Take care everyone and let your true colors shine through!

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