The end of The Sin City Siren?

My beautiful, amazing, fierce Sirens:

I’ve been sitting here staring at my computer for at least 10 minutes. I have no idea how to begin to say all the things I want to say right now. But here goes … After six and a half years, it’s time for me to move on to the next chapter of my life. I have no possible way to express how much I love being The Sin City Siren — what it has meant to me; what you have meant to me. But sadly, nothing lasts forever. Nor should it.

This little blog-that-could has been one of the most fulfilling, challenging, joyful, stressful, crazy, creative experiences of my life. I’ve learned, grown, loved, raged, failed, succeeded, worried, wept, shouted at my screen, come into my own, become a leader, organized … and ultimately evolved. You’ve pushed me. You’ve helped me. You’ve lifted me up. In all things — the death of loved ones, fundraising for good causes, and so much fiery politics and debate — you’ve been there! And I like to think I’ve been there for you, too.

This decision doesn’t come easily or quickly. It sounds cliché to say there has been soul-searching, but that is the truth of it. I have always believed that we have to continue to learn and grow and also to be of service to the world with the talents we have. That belief has guided the voice of this blog and it is also why I know it is time to push off and explore a new wildness and adventure — whatever that may be.

One place I will be pouring more energy into is my creative writing, which has been in the backseat for far too many years now. There comes a time in our lives when we have to be willing to put our long-simmering hopes first rather than last and take whatever shot we may have at the dreams in our hearts. I can’t do that and maintain the daily demands of a blog like The Sin City Siren. And the last thing I want to do is let The Siren wither on the vine while I explore other parts of my creative life. The Siren, and you, deserve better. I will not dishonor what we’ve accomplished here together by doing SCS half-assed.

I also believe it’s time for me to stretch into the next phase of my career in terms of how best to foster and participate in the feminist community and encourage the next generation of fierce, progressive online media and activism. I not only want to see the next “Siren” step up (but just know the name stays with me, my lovelies), I want to be standing right behind them, encouraging the next wave of discourse. So, I’m not actually going anywhere. I’ll still be here supporting what comes next anyway I can. I believe in you, just as you’ve believed in me.

And that brings me to what is next for The Siren in the coming months. I wouldn’t dream of unceremoniously ending The Siren without the proper respect, and even celebration. So, here’s the deal. I’m going to continue The Siren until the turn of the year and in the meantime, I’m planning a celebration event — and hopefully some other good stuff. I’m exploring ways to commemorate what we’ve done here. (How would you feel about a kickstarter to publish a journal of some of the best SCS posts?) And with help from you — my community — I hope to offer one or more opportunities to get together and maybe even find that next one (or more!) Sirens who will take up the mantel. I have this crazy idea to do a workshop or mini-conference to find the next, new media-mavens …

So, while change is coming, I’ll still be here for just a bit longer. And my other gig, The Tired Feminist, isn’t going anywhere. It’s a smaller, more intimate blog that I write on less frequently, with posts ranging from feminism, gender politics, parenting, to personal posts exploring the ideas that keep me up at night. I encourage you to find your way there if you want to keep in touch after the new year. (PS: To all contributors and fans, I will leave The Sin City Siren site up for a while so you can download clips and posts. Also, contact me if you need anything.)

Until January, let’s keep in touch! Let’s do some great things. And please, please, if you are interested in working with me on some fun stuff to send off The Siren — get in touch with me via comments, email (thesincitysiren[at]yahoo[dot]com), twitter, or Facebook! I’m serious! I will need you to help me send off The Sin City Siren right!

And from the bottom of my heart: Thank You.

10 thoughts on “The end of The Sin City Siren?

  1. I will miss you and I DO understand the importance of making time for writing. I look forward to your continued Siren until Jan. 1 and I look forward to hearing about your successes with other venues. Thank you for giving your readers so much encouragement and hope!

  2. Well, this is bittersweet. While I want to say “don’t go!” (We’ll eat you up, we love you so!) I think it’s awesome that you are ready to embark on whatever’s next. I wish you all the luck and joy in it. And as you say, you’ll be around. I’m glad we had the chance to do some collaborating. 🙂

    Also, what Pj said.

  3. Well fear not, PJ. My inbox overfloweth.

    And Rosie, I love you for quoting Where the Wild Things Are. Blogging is like going to the Wildness every day!

    Thanks to everyone for the good wishes and the support until I shut it down sometime in January.

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