Recommended Reading: Wall Street and Elm Street

Desert Beacon

Foreclosure StreetWe’re all happy to see housing prices increase in Nevada, especially in the hard hit Las Vegas metropolitan area.  Before putting on the party hats and dancing to the old ’45s there’s a reason for the increase which might initiate a few nagging doubts in the back of the cranium.  Read: “Behind the Rise in House Prices,” from the NYT to see how Wall Street is cashing in on the chaos it helped to create.

The story has been around for a while, but few in what passes for  national news have picked up on it.  Forbes Magazine does have the presence of mind to ask if we’re looking at the beginning of the next bubble.   The Wall Street Journal published a piece on this subject on March 25th, regarding investors as landlords.  The downside of this new lure for investors is that regular buyers are…

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