Repro Rights Madness: Who is the champ at crushing women’s repro rights?

Inspired by the annual NCAA March Madness tourney (Go Ducks!), I created this bracket with 32 of the worst states with bills/laws in the country for women. (I know the NCAA tourney starts with 64, but it was getting too depressing.)

How would you fill it out? Which law is the “champ?” (Hint: No matter how you fill it out, we all lose if these bills become law or those that are laws are not repealed.)

Print your bracket and fill it out now! Then share them with me and all the SCS readers! I’ll post pics of your picks!


Like the NCAA bracket, I’ve divided the offenders by region:





  • New York: The state, which has largely good reproductive health laws, is locked in a battle about expanding rights for women. No matter how that works out, New York has an archaic definition of rape that excludes anal sex, which let off an off-duty cop who raped a woman last year. Plus, they have a law on the books that allows cops to arrest women for carrying too many condoms (as evidence of prostitution).
  • Virginia: Just passed a law requiring abortion clinics to have the same building regulations as hospitals (TRAP).
  • North Carolina: New TRAP bill (an admitting-privileges requirement bill) in the works.
  • South Carolina: TRAP laws, 12-week abortion ban, allows physicians to refuse to provide information, and much more (NARAL).
  • Ohio: Heartbeat-bill proponents are locked in battle with Medicaid expansion proponents.
  • New Jersey: Has an unenforceable abortion ban on the books, TRAP laws, and allows physicians to withhold information from female patients, according to NARAL.
  • Pennsylvania: Waiting periods, physician refusal laws, roadblocks to low-income women and more. PA gets an F grade from NARAL.
  • West Virgina: Has  ban on abortion after 12 weeks, a 24-hour waiting period, and requires notice given to parents (PDF).

**More information**

  • A list of abortion bans by state (ACLU).
  • A state-by-state list of abortion laws (Guttmacher).
  • Clickable map of abortion laws (NARAL).
  • Latest news on abortion rights (RH Reality Check).

5 thoughts on “Repro Rights Madness: Who is the champ at crushing women’s repro rights?

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  2. Don’t forget the added bonus in Texas: mandated transvaginal
    unltrasounds personally administered by Rick Perry!

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