[UPDATED] The Return of the Fag Bug!

The fagbug was vandalized on a college campus during a hate crimes event.

The fagbug was vandalized on a college campus during a hate crimes event.

Guess what, Sirens? Erin Davies, owner of the famed Fag Bug, is returning to Las Vegas!

For those of you who don’t know, the Fag Bug is a now-iconic Volkswagen Bug that was vandalized with anti-gay hate speech graffiti six years ago. Rather than cover up the hate speech spray painted on her car, Erin decided to drive around the country and share her story as well as those of other victims of hate speech. Just a month after starting this very blog, I contacted Davies about coming to Las Vegas during her tour. She stayed two days and we had what she has referred to as some of the best-attended and best-organized events of her entire tour!

Erin filmed her journey and it became a documentary called fagbug. And now she would like to come back to Las Vegas and screen her documentary — which features many locals and footage of the events here!

We are still in the planning stages but Erin would like to come in April. I am in the process of organizing an event to screen her film and do a panel on hate speech.

Interested in helping out? Here are some of the things we need:

  • One night’s stay in a hotel. (Thank you to those who donated!)
  • Her speaking fee is $500. Please help by donating today! Sponsorships available!
  • A location to show her documentary and have the panel.
  • Volunteers! For the panel, to help set up, to help spread the word and raise funds… Volunteer Today!

I’m starting from scratch on this one. (Feels like the first time.) So any help you can provide — including volunteers to help with all the little things that crop up — is not just appreciated (which it is) but crucial to the success of this event.


I know we can put on another kick-ass event for the Fag Bug!

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