Feminist Files: Apropo of nothing

Even in the last moments of 2012, there’s never a dull moment.

  • NYE resolutions: My Fem2.0 colleague Erin Belitskus offers a great wish list for good tidings for women and children in 2013. (Hint: It starts with reauthorizing VAWA.)
  • Thanks SCOTUS! The Supreme Court decided to deny a temporary hold on the contraceptives coverage in Obamacare in a religious challenge making its way through the courts. This goes back to a challenge to the provision by certain religious business (Hobby Lobby Stores and Mardel) who balk at being forced to cover contraceptives for their employees, because, you know, it’s the law. While the legal eagles duke it out, the anti-health care side wanted to deny all women access to contraceptives. It’s like The Soup Nazi, but with birth control!
  • The second shift: And in news-to-nobody news, the New York Times blows the cover off the age-old fact that when you include the so-called second shift of domestic labor, women work more than men.
  • Virginia is not for gays: Or, at least openly gay volleyball coaches at Virginia Commonwealth University. Three days before Thanksgiving the coach — who had just ended a winning season after resuscitating a program that hadn’t been successful in decades — was unceremoniously fired. There was no other clear reason but Coach James Finley’s sexual orientation. Virginia’s anti-discrimination law does not extend to LGBT individuals, who therefore get no protection from such blatant homophobia. Sign the petition here.
  • Mammals are hairy: I had to laugh out loud when my friend and I were doing vanity searches on Google and on a lark I put in my maiden name (Gibson). I found an article by Dr. Emily Gibson about why we should all stop waxing off our pubes. The trend to go completely bare increases the chance of STIs and is a “misconceived war,” Gibson says. It’s good advice from my (sort-of) doppleganger!
  • Doll parts: The NYT has an interesting history of gender-coding and toys.

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