New in town

Sirens, I got an email from a reader I’ll called D who is new in town and feeling lost in Las Vegas’ unique swirling vortex of misogyny and sexism. Love to hate it. Hate to love it. Our town is a tricky beast for a feminist. Admit it, there are times you feel alone, too. So let’s help a gal out!

But those of us who’ve put in some time in Vegas — I’m 13 years in, myself — know two things:

  1. There are some amazing, feminist people here and…
  2. On the worst days, you’re going to feel like you’re putting out a forest fire one thimble-full of water at a time.

Call it trial by fire.

But lets focus on the positive. Nevada went blue last week. And there are some amazing people right here in Vegas who helped make that happen. Here are some folks I suggested D look up. Feel free, nay PLEASE DO, make suggestions of other fab progressive groups, clubs, and hang-outs…

  • If you are near UNLV, I would highly recommend checking out the Jean Nidetch Women’s Center. There are some great people working there and doing good things in our community, plus they will know of good student groups in town. (I would also add to that the Women’s Research Institute of Nevada.)
  • Get in touch with Planned Parenthood of Southern Nevada. A lot of the local feminists I know are involved with them and it’s a great way to meet like-minded people (and maybe volunteer a little, too). Ask for Tara or Annette and they can hook you up.
  • Check out First Friday, a monthly arts and culture festival in downtown Las Vegas. There are many great folks involved with FF and it’s a low-key and fun way to feel the local vibe of Las Vegas and maybe meet some people.
  • There’s also The Beat coffee shop downtown on Fremont a couple blocks east of Las Vegas Blvd.

I feel like I’m forgetting some stuff… So like I said, CHIME IN and share how you stay connected to feminists in Las Vegas!

PS: How are you liking the redesign of the site? Whether you love it or hate it, I’m listening. (And don’t forget to nominate your favorite non-profit, group, or club for the SCS Charitable Giving List!)

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