Feminist Files: Big news all around

  • Dems step up: The Democratic Party are poised to include an official plank supporting same-sex marriage, among other pro-LGBT issues. It’s good news. But honestly, I sort of thought it was already in there. So… it’s about time.
  • The hits just keep coming: Women lose in Arizona as news came out today that a federal judge has decided to allow a ban on abortions after 20 weeks in that state. Meanwhile, personhood advocates are trying to make a federal case out of their cause, literally. They want to take this thing all the way to the Supreme Court.
  • Mitt Romney is a Douchebag: And I mean douchebag with a capital D all the way. First we have his “Anglo-saxon” heritage comment in which he tries to somehow say that as president he would establish better relations with England because of our two countries shared whitey-mcwhiteyness. But without, you know, coming right out and saying that. I guess that’s his version of subconsciously reminding us that President Barrack Obama is black. In case you forgot. Then we have this little thing that happened in Israel wherein Mitt says some completely racist bullshit, insulting an entire culture and people. I mean, the guy is either the biggest embodiment of the racist archetype, aka The Man, or he is the very embodiment of being obtuse. Or both. You know what, he’s just a motherfuckingcocksucker.
  • Do it yourself: Just because the New York Times dismisses the contributions of women — as played out recently in a book section feature on self-help books, in which the only female authors listed were ones who wrote about parenting and cooking — it doesn’t mean we women are helpless know-nothings. And we can prove it. Or rather, you can. Here’s your chance to show off your skills and your smarts by submitting your own treatise on whatever floats your boat to the Molly Templeton’s How-to Tumblr by Sunday, August 5.
  • On a vagina note: To end this round-up on at least a laughing note, I laughed out loud when I read about Courtney Love’s recent tweets to Lana Del Rey about a cover of the Nirvana classic “Heartshaped Box.” (Hint: The song is about Courtney’s vagina. Really.) “So umm next time you sing it, think about my vagina will you?” For extra giggles do a search for footage of Del Ray singing it live.

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