Celebrating five years of The Sin City Siren!

The original logo, circa 2007.

Today I celebrate five years of The Sin City Siren, my little blog that (as it turns out) could. As I write this, I feel nostalgic and curious at the same time. I’m humbled by the support I get from so many loyal readers. I am grateful for everything we’ve accomplished together. But at the same time, I am curious. What’s next?

Because of the generosity of so many of you, not only has my little blog thrived, but so many good works have happened through our combined effort. We’ve marched and rallied and walked. We’ve raised hundreds of dollars for important causes. And for that I say, thank you.

“Fag Bug” owner Erin Davies and those who helped organize the first SCS event in July 2007.

In a way, I’m surprised that I’m still doing this. And not because I thought I’d have some other fancy job by now. (I think all the fancy jobs got ejected into space when the market crashed in ’08.) I guess I’m surprised because I can’t believe that something like blogging, that seemed so new-fangled and wobbly in 2007, actually has some pretty legitimate sea-legs now. (Can you believe I’m nationally syndicated?) I mean, this blog launched only a handful of weeks before the very first iphones hit the market in 2007. How’s that for a marker of time?

Making some noise at the Rally for Choice Las Vegas 2011

And because of this strange new-media world, I’ve met some pretty amazing people. Just last year, thanks to feminist friends on twitter, I was invited to join the Washington, DC-based Fem2.0 blogging consortium (Abigail, I know I owe you at least two posts). We pro-choice, feminist, kindred spirits have found each other and thanks to mediums like blogs and facebook and twitter, we are never really alone anymore, even if you live in a red state next to some other really red states with some seriously wicked laws/legislators afoot.

Remember this, from when I was pregnant (in 2010)? Anti-violence baby bump!

I am especially grateful for my online (and real-time) community when the anti-choicers send me those cheery photos on twitter or try to launch personhood initiatives. I can always count on you to have my back!

Still, the question remains — what’s next for The Sin City Siren? How will it grow or change? I don’t know the answer. But I know I won’t get there without you.

Thanks for the love, and much love to you!

And if you’re really feeling the love, why not share some with this year’s anniversary charitable giving winner: God’s Groceries? They are tabling inside the Albertson’s on Tropicana and Jones all week!

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