UFC Petition: Only 8 more days!

Have you signed the UFC petition, yet? You only have 8 more days until it closes! Then I will be delivering it to the UFC headquarters in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness month in April. This is a chance to have your voice be heard that rape jokes and hate speech are NOT funny. Ever!

Need the backstory? Check out the UFC Campaign page with all the details — from Penn State jokes during live press conferences to prison rape jokes by UFC President Dana White!

Now that the petition is coming to an end, it’s time to deliver it! Come out on April 3 — which just happens to be national Sexual Assault Awareness Day of Action — and we’ll deliver the petition to UFC headquarters and rally for change in our community here in Las Vegas! There are already some great organizations who are coming out for the cause, with more being added all the time. Check back soon for all the details!

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